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What is SPARK?

SPARK is a small shift in the way you do things that can create positive change for the whole world.  And it all starts with you!


"SPARK stands for Small Personal Acts of Real Kindness.

These can be as simple as hugging your mom, picking up a piece of trash, or saying hello to a stranger.

When you do these things, these actions will affect the people you interact with.

The idea is that they will spread the spark to someone else. If each of us creates a SPARK, we can light the world on fire."

Jeremy Ray Taylor

How can you SPARK?

Start being aware of your surroundings.  Take a moment to see if there is a need around you.  Be intentional about being kind and helpful all the time.  And when you see an opportunity to SPARK….. TAKE IT!!

When you SPARK..  let us know!  Take a picture or a short video of how you did it.

Then post it on Instagram or Twitter using #WeAllSpark and #jeremyraytaylor

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